ACE TOURS & TRAVEL Ace Tours & Travel Pte Ltd was established in 2003. Our Managing Director, Mr Edward Tay has more than 26 years experiences in the travel industry. In recent years, we have amassed a wealth of expertise on product development, annually received more than an average of 50,000 visitors of all nationalities. Over years of endeavour and progress, we built close long-term relationships with more than 100 leading businesses and travel agencies in Greater China, Indochina, Indonesia, Philippines, India and etc.   By adapting and growing to suit the needs of the community, and to service the different needs and budget of each individual. Our tours include luxury tours, MICE tours, tourism planning, conferences, MICE incentives, heritage tours, student groups, leisure golf tours etc. We have our own team of tour guides and coaches and nurture close relationships with hoteliers, tourist attractions and restaurants over the years. We serve corporate groups such as Manulife Insurance, China Life Insurance, Mercuries Life Insurance, Fubon Insurance, William Beauty Salon Taiwan Group, Herbalife, Bank Groups, Religious Organizations, 4ORANGE Group, Daikin Air Conditioning Organization etc. Our operation team handles all hotels, flights, attractions, cruises bookings and reservations. In recent years, our company had achieved the network, scale, branding development strategy, so that modern travel can be made more convenient, comprehensive and efficient. Ace Tours delivers with the purpose to provide professional and high quality services using years of experience to generate more surprises and promotions to domestic and international customers and the industry. We will continue to make more contributions to the bustling tourism industry in Singapore while achieving a name as a brand who infuses both services and brand name in a win - win situation. We will be your forever business partner!

新加坡創意旅遊集團公 新加坡創意旅遊集團公司成立于2003年,公司管理層擁有著超過26年旅遊經驗,及其豐富的專業知識,近年來在產品研發上,創意集團平均每年接待境內外旅客超過5萬人次,同時公司于超過100家來自各地的旅行社有著親密合作,如中國:大陸、台灣、香港、澳門;中南半島區包括:越南、柬埔寨、泰國、遼國、緬甸等,及印尼、菲律賓等國家。 我們以服務于社會日益增長的精神文化,根據不同行業人士的不同需求于預算,為其量身定做最適合的旅遊配套,提供專業、特色的服務,如我們的出入境旅遊包含豪華旅遊、會展旅遊、規劃旅遊、大型會議、MICE 獎勵旅遊、傳統旅遊、學生團及自助高爾夫球等;本公司擁有自己的導遊和巴士團隊。我們于各大酒店,觀光景點及飯店有着密切的合作往來,我們業務涉及有酒店預訂、票務預訂、景點門票、遊輪預訂等,近年我公司實現了網絡化、規模化、品牌化的發展策略,讓現代旅遊更便捷、全面、效率。接待大型企業團隊有宏利保險、中國人壽保險、三商美邦人壽、富邦人壽、日式威廉髮藝集團、康寶萊公司、銀行業團体、宗教團体、4ORANGE團体、DKIKIN大金空調團体等。 本公司以提供專業、特色的服務就品牌为宗旨,將持著多年的豐富經驗,期待為境內外顧客及同行業提供更多的驚喜和優惠,為新加坡繁華的旅遊業做出更多的貢獻,實現服務于品牌雙贏。我们是你的永久合作伙伴!




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